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Perfectroot Now Fueled by SupportKing

We’ve made the difficult and careful decision of routing all of our clients to the several dozen expert agents over at SupportKing. They’ve handled over 100,000 remote roots over the years and they provide a wide gambit of services including data recovery and many others. Their support quality is unparalleled and we’re proud to be represented by their team!

Outstanding Benefits

More Apps

There are dozens more apps on the Play Store available to those who have the power of root. Customize it all !

Performance Boost

Overclocking, Undervolting, Bloatware removal, OEM skin removal; you name it, with root you can do it.

Better Battery Life

Custom Roms/Kernels and apps like Greenify make it entirely possible to allow for great performance and power saving.

Game Hacks

Unlimited Lives, More Coins, New Levels, Level-Up Faster, Rooting allows the hacking of Game system files and data.

Free Wifi Hotspot

Never Pay for Wired or Wireless Tethering again. It’s your right to use your data how you see fit. Beat the carrier with this hack.

No More Ads

Set your experience free of all ads across all apps and websites. Never put yourself through those pesky interruptions again.

Custom Roms

Most devices have custom roms available which are entire systems of upgrades.

Custom Kernels

Changing kernels can unlock the hidden potential of your Android.

Custom Themes

Rooting allows changing of design files at the system level, previously impossible.

Remote Rooting Takes Place 24 Hours a Day

And there is no reason to step foot away from your desk because we’ve got it handled all remotely. So grab a drink, your device, and a usb cable and get ready for a pretty impressive show of technical expertise, as you get to watch it all unfold right on your computer screen.

All you have to do is plug your device into your computer. It’s really that easy. And many customers report that the most fun part is watching the technician work. It’s fascinating stuff.

100,000+ Remote Sessions


Highest Satisfaction Rate

2,500+ Supported Devices

Meet Our Team

Marc Greenberg

Marc Greenberg

President and CEO

Marc has seen the company through its hurdles and challenges over the years. Born and raised in Texas, Marc spends his time coaching and mentoring Perfectroot employees and working on other inspiring entrepreneurial projects. Perfectroot would not be what it is today without Marc’s oversight and persistence; but most of all his talent for seeing the greatness in those that work for him.
Christopher Ridgeway

Christopher Ridgeway

COO and Project Manager

Chris has been rooting Android devices since he purchased a Galaxy S in September of 2010. He left his career in technical support at the beginning of the following year and has been either running his own business or operating as an executive ever since. Chris has published software, short films, animation, websites, graphics for online projects and marketing and absolutely loves all things multimedia including the business side of tech support and of course ‘rooting.’ One little known fact about Chris is that he was an amateur skateboarder for a few years and even had his own pro-model skateboard for Reckless skateboards. You can see his skate videos on the youtube channel – Halfcab123.

What People Are Saying

“It’s so crazy watching these guys in action. I don’t think it’ll ever get old. My tech was James and he took care of my Note 4 on Verizon, which was a beast of a process but he made it look easy.” Antonio Campbell

“I had a bricked phone made by OnePlus and it was just looping over and over at the booting screen. I thought my phone was toast but these guys got me back up and running.” Helena Smith

“I have a Galaxy S7 which needless to say isn’t a terribly old phone. It was getting sluggish and these guys installed Lineage OS on there and the thing runs like a dream now.” Isabella Edwards Padilla

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